I can’t be Lara Croft, I’m afraid of Spiders…

…so that also rules out Indiana Jones (although I’m fine with snakes) and I suppose the Dragonborn too, although that was admittedly a less realistic life goal. So here I am doing a PhD. It’s always good to have a plan B, right?

Plan B’s have been a hot topic of (one way) conversation these last two weeks as I have had plenty of induction sessions which have been quite daunting in the way they address post-PhD life. “It’s not like it was ten years ago,” apparently, so a PhD student must do all manner of things in tandem with, you know, writing 100,000 words, to be employable. I can appreciate that the situation in the job market is bad and I know myself that I want to get involved in lots of things to make myself a better researcher, but it was all a bit doom and gloom for pre-lunch lectures. To be fair, the lunch was included, but they ran out of Earl Grey tea.

Having been used to nice cushty introductory module lectures that give me a big reading list and a module guide the first week of my PhD was a bit strange, but two weeks in I can already feel myself adjusting. The PGR community, especially in archaeology, is bloody brilliant as both an academic and support network. I’m so excited to be a part of this group of people.

My work at the moment is mainly background reading and administrative stuff, but I have also been looking at a couple of fish bones which I didn’t identify as part of my Master’s dissertation. I’ve only got bits of vertebra so I’m finding it tough, especially as the fish bones in the comparative collection like stabbing me when I reach into bags. Pretty much done now though! It will be good to wrap up the last remnants of my masters.

These are ling bones, not archaeological but bloody tiny and sharp!
These are ling bones, not archaeological but bloody tiny and sharp!

I’m writing this from my new desk in the Laver building, which is exciting! Goodbye fighting for desk and computer space in the library, hello tea club and wheely chairs. Although the plants growing in through the window might be an issue – apparently maintenance has been informed, which means it should be sorted by about the time I finish my thesis. I’ve got images of a Sleeping Beauty type scene with people hacking through super ivy to get me out.

The view from my...err...window? Which nature clearly does not respect as a barrier.
The view from my…err…window? Which nature clearly does not respect as a barrier.

In other news, the tirade of appliances working to conspire against me has finally ended as my noisy laptop fan and noisy oven fan have been vanquished. Both now make normal fan noises and I finally have a completely working oven, which hasn’t been the case since I moved in just over a month ago. Casseroles, toad in the hole and baked treats here I come!

Welcome back oven! Yummy toad in the hole.
Welcome back oven! Yummy toad in the hole.

Emily xxx


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