PhD Swag, yo.

BONUS POST: This week has been all about swag. PhD style.

That’s Swimming And Gymming, an early morning routine for Legio Julius (i.e. my flat mates and I). For four days in a row this week I have had a half hour session in the gym, mainly because I realised when walking to campus the other day that walking and talking when hills are involved was no longer possible. So I have donned the reflective jacked and full length lycra leggings (see, I told you, swag) and headed back to the gym. Time to get buff.

I’ve also been teaching first years a practical session on zooarchaeology this week. This involved a ten minute presentation followed by an hour and a half working on assembling a mammal carcass, ageing sheep jaws and looking at butchery with microscopes. The presentation was a little nerve racking but once I got into the practical everything was fine. What does this have to do with swag? Well you should have seen my I’m-a-professional-you’d-better-listen-to-me-please jacket.

The set up and powerpoint for the practical zooarch class - pretty swag!
The set up and powerpoint for the practical zooarch class – pretty swag!

This week I have also finally caved and bought myself my own lab coat. I’ve been borrowing ones from the bioarch lab for two years and I’m tired of pretending to be Tom Gibson who liked to write his name in permanent marker on the pocket. Tob Gibson’s labcoat is nothing compared to my new one. NOTHING I TELL YOU. Not only does my labcoat have poppers, a separated chest pocket and two more pockets, I have sewed* a University of Exeter shield patch onto the pocket. It’s so swag it’s unreal*.

#swagcoat #brodoyouevensew
#swagcoat #brodoyouevensew #seamSTRESS

I hope I haven’t made you too jealous.

Emily out.


* urrr well I attached one to the other with thread. Let’s not go into the amount of swearing, needles broken, times I sewed the front of the pocket to the back, and the fact that one side just didn’t get sewed, ok?

*I wrote my name on the ticket so you know whose swag you are handling. #bamf


DISCLAIMER: I do not tend to use ‘swag’ in actual life, apart from the wonderful Swimming and Gymming Acronym (kudos Dave). If it please you, replace each instance of ‘swag’ with “looking damn professional”.


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