Making myself at home.

Yesterday I was asked when my next blog instalment was happening (hi, Uncle Chris). You guys… actually follow this? You haven’t been put off by pictures of long dead animals and the slightly creepy commentary thereof? Well, OK, I suppose here goes for another week!

The reason that I haven’t posted anything for a while is because nothing has really happened, apart from endless background reading. Despite this, I was in the pub the other day (I know, mental) and joking that all we ever talk about is our PhDs. This is not true. I have many other interesting things going on like …. um …. Oh I went to the gym this morning! Yeah the gym! Oh wait I already did a blog about that … urhhhhh. Oh, I did get my results last week from my MSc, and I got a distinction! This resulted in impromptu pubbing and cider drinking, at which the main topic of conversation was…. my PhD. I think we’ve gone full circle in this paragraph. Moving on.

Highly professional door sign. Requests taken.
Highly professional door sign. Requests taken.

 My office (that I share with another Zooarch PhD student, Hayley) is starting to feel more homely. I’ve got a pair of slippers here, a comfy hoody, a big scarf if it gets cold and my mug with a labelled human skeleton on it. The computer in here now works too! We’ve also got door a sign now which is obviously very professional and not excitedly hand made by myself with felt tips and stuck on the door with post-it notes. In other professional news we’ve got office mascots courtesy of Hayley, two little skulls of interesting anatomical persuasion, name suggestions welcome. If you’re expecting the window to be free of ivy (on the inside) you are foolish; it’s till creeping its way in. I see we have a spider friend now too; I might have to evict him under section 43 of the Hoover law soon.

I was thinking "Skully and Moulder"... what do you think?
Our office mascots! I was thinking “Skully and Moulder”… what do you think?

Well, I believe that’s everything work related and remotely interesting that has happened recently. Stay tuned! Please?

Emily x


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