Munich, Germany

Poing! That’s Poh-ing, not Pow-ing, and certainly not POING!!!

Well, actually, Poing, for most of the time that I was there! Poing is a little town about 20 minutes from Munich by train. It has an absolutely amazing bone facility there, with dead giraffes, leopards, tigers and rooms and rooms full of comparative bones. It also was equipped with a “Raiders of the Lost Arc­” style bone storage room, complete with huge mystery crates! It was honestly so amazing. The site that I did was smaller than I expected so I also managed to do another small site whilst I was there, which is great! Not much to tell you on the bones, they’re kind of the same as the rest of the bones I look at! But I’m hoping to get some good conclusions from them.

This was the first trip I had actually gone on entirely alone. I organised it and I flew, stayed and worked mostly by myself. This wouldn’t have been too much of a problem had my hotel joined the 21st century – there was no wifi in my room. All my plans of keeping up-to-date with the Great British Bake-off and skyping my friends and family were dashed, and it royally sucked. But it was ok, I had a TV! Oh, but the remote was one of those universal remotes and only allowed me to change channel, mute and turn off the TV. Not ideal! I couldn’t even change the volume! I watched a lot of BBC world service and found out a lot that I didn’t really want to know about the way Indian airlines work.

2014-08-22 16.19.56
Munich at last! This was really the only photo I actually took of Munich architecture, but it sure was pretty!

I also spent one night only in Munich itself with my lovely friend Linda, which was really great! It was so nice to be with people again after a week mostly in my own company. We drank beer from huge huge glasses in a beer garden and did a little mini-tour of Munich, I had a great time with her and her friends. I also had some Bavarian food, which I was really excited about, as most of the food I had been eating in Poing was from the steak house next to the hotel. I had burgers, pizzas, and treated myself to a steak on the last night. It was so delicious – but not really Bavarian!

All that was left after that was to navigate my way to Munich airport the next morning with more than a little hangover … but it was worth it!


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