A skeletal comparison of Dog, Fox, Badger and Cat

Johnson, E. (2015). A skeletal comparison of Dog, Fox, Badger and Cat

The mandible comparison
The mandible comparison

I took some time creating the above digital comparison of key skeletal elements from dog (canis familiaris), fox (vulpes vulpes), badger (meles meles) and cat (felis catus). I was working on an assemblage recently which had quite a few dog/fox elements in and I didn’t have the benefit of the lovely comparative reference collection at the University of Exeter to help me, and searches on the internet for bone comparisons were pretty fruitless! So I decided to photograph some key elements from dogs and foxes and identify morphological characteristics to differentiate between them. I added in cats and badgers too as they were of a similar size.

I hope other zooarchaeologists will find the above PDF useful! The aim was to create a digital, accessible comparison that could be downloaded for analysis where a reference collection was unavailable.


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