An ode to Jake’s Bones

Just some of Jake’s skulls – very jealous! Credit: Jake’s Bones

This week Jake from Jake’s Bones announced that he was going to take a break from blogging for a while. If you’ve never come across Jake’s Bones you should go and check out his blog – as he says in his farewell post, he’s been blogging at least once a week for six years and seven months – and he’s done some incredible things in that time. I wanted to write a quick blog post myself to say thanks to Jake for all his intrepid blogging over the years.

I first came across Jake’s Bones when I was analysing an archaeological animal bone assemblage for my undergraduate dissertation, way back in the spring of 2012. We’ve got a good comparative collection here at the University of Exeter but I wanted something on my laptop that I could look at if there was a class in the bone lab – that’s where Jake’s post about his Skulls and Skeletons came in really handy. He’s done some super-useful comparisons of individual elements and teased us with bone mysteries, as well as writing a great guide on how to clean animal bones. I’ve also really enjoyed the tales from the trail camera that’s picked up all sorts of interesting animal activity – I’m very jealous of where he lives!

I have no idea how he’s managed to keep posting week on week for so long when I can barely find one thing a month to blog about! We sure will miss you, Jake.


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