SD 2017 Day 4

The days are starting to blur into one another as the dig settles into a nice routine. We arrive at about 10 past 8 each morning, and dig until 10am when we have a half hour doughnut break. Then it’s on with the digging until 12, when our lunch hour begins. We’re currently munching on sandwiches that we make up ourselves using a whole fridgeful of delicious deli items, and also at the moment lucky enough to have some jerky brought in for us! At 1pm it’s back to work until 2.30, when we have our final break of the day and then dig til around 4.15pm. It may seem like a lot of breaks, but it’s quite hard work as the soil is so tough, both physically and mentally. By breaking up the day the work is less monotonous, and careless mistakes are minimised.

Today we had some people planning for the first time, using a grid to help draw their excavation surface. Most people now know the basics of digging and recording, including how to use a Total Station, and some have also been instructed in the art of Munsel colour charts and clay/silt/sand soil types!

Good plan batman

Our find of the day was definitely this tiny, almost perfect shell disc, about 3mm thick and just over a centimetre in diameter. What a great spot by our rookie archaeologists!

A shell disc, our find of the day!