SD 2017 Day 5

Today was our last day of work for the week before our day off tomorrow! We’re all absolutely shattered, with archeodome dirt ingrained into our fingernails and brains. I think a lot of relaxing may happen tomorrow!

5 o’clock shadow…

On the dig floor today we had to first move the total station. Its previous position meant that one square was too close to be able to take measurements, so it has been moved and recalibrated (by me, I have certainly gained a skill there!). In other dig site news, many people were planning, checking soils against Munsell charts, and generally getting a little dripped on thanks to a heavy downpour this afternoon. Some interesting stone tools were uncovered today, including two more arrowheads! Here’s some other pictures from the day!

Izzy, Chloe and Hannah dig away in their squares, which we have referred to as the Western Front as they are the westernmost squares currently being excavated
Ollie and Levi working hard in the lab, washing and sorting finds

No blog tomorrow as there’s no dig! Back to work bright and early on Monday morning.


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