SD 2017 Day 8

Today’s dig was more like a nature program than an archaeological dig! Well, not really, but we did see some pretty cool animals today. There are lots of ground squirrels living on the site (and digging through the archaeology sometimes, the little buggers), and we’ve seen a rabbit or two, but today we saw a deer and what we think was a bald eagle! The deer was placidly eating grass on the path from the museum to the Archeodome, and the bald eagle flew out from a nearby tree while we were eating lunch and circled the lake. All very cool!

As for my own personal day, it started with a 3 mile run this morning (all the doughnuts are getting to me big time, despite the swimming) and ended at Walmart. I needed body scrub for removing the prehistoric dust from my skin, and I wanted to buy a plastic plate I could reuse. The amount of waste generated just by me every day is breaking my heart, and there are no recycling facilities anywhere – I’ve been eating off paper plates and bowls and drinking from paper cups at breakfast and lunch each day. Now I’ve got my own plate, bowl, spoon and cup that I can take and reuse! Isn’t it nice to save the planet?

In terms of archaeological finds today, a couple of nice pit features started to become apparent from soil colour changes. We also found a few nice rim sherds, although nothing as spectacular as yesterday’s weeping eye motif, and some flaked stone tools. We also had one very ingenious archaeologist use medical tape to keep her glasses from falling off her face whilst digging! Commitment to the cause right there.


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