SD 2017 Day 9

Happy Wagon Wednesday! I’m writing this from my bed, smelling equally of woodsmoke and bugspray, and on the whole feeling perfectly content. We’ve had a lovely day today, mainly due to a tour around an old fashioned wheel and wagon workshop and a barbecue!

Today at the dig started pretty chilly after some thunderstorms last night (yes yes yes, I know you’re having a heatwave in Britain, no need to shout), but soon warmed up into the early 90s F or 30s C. One of my favourite things today was finding a pit that contained fish, bird and rodent bones all in the same place. Some very meticulous excavation resulted in the recovery of much of this material!

We were also quite excitable today because we made the local front page! There was also a video of us on the Daily Republic website. Both of which were enjoyable snapshots into seeing how we are represented and seen in the media – although the archaeology is certainly of interest, perhaps more exciting was the fact we came from Britain.

Our evening was spent at Hansen’s Wheel and Wagon, an amazing place where old stagecoaches and the like are built and restored. I’ve taken many, many photos of the place, but here are some of my favourites.


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