SD 2017 Day 10

Is it day 10 already?! I can hardly believe how fast the time is going. 

Today for me started with a quick run that I kept under a mile in maximum distance from the hotel, so in the case of storms I could get back sharpish! There had been thunder, wind and golf ball sized hail in some areas, but nothing luckily hit Mitchell. 

After breakfast and a shower we all piled into the two minibuses that take us to site each day. I’m always the last to get in as I have to count us all to make sure we’re all present! Construction work on Burr street means we’ve started going a different way to the site. The construction in Mitchell this year is pretty prolific and horrific.

On site today a few cool finds came to light. There was a rodent partial skeleton, found by Ollie, which we think was likely a poor ground squirrel that burrowed into the site and died. So, not archaeological, but still interesting from my perspective! We also found this amazing bone tool, which has a sharpish edge on the outside of the small curve but is smooth aside from this. We’re not sure what it was for yet.

A partial rodent skeleton – the cranium, and left pelvis, femur and tibia.

A mystery bone tool found today!

Also today we had someone filming us on site, and as I was here 7 years ago they interviewed me! I don’t know where the footage will be or if it will even be used, but watch this space. I hope I didn’t make an arse of myself!


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