SD 2017 Day 11

Another day of digging today, puncuated as ever with some mild and occasionally intense excitement. Most people are just heading down layer by layer, but in a few squares we have features evolving, including pits and burn zones.

Normally when students come up to me clutching some unidentified piece of material it’s either nothing at all (i.e. a rock or pebble) or it’s a rim sherd, which we plot the exact location of and draw. Occasionally we’ll get stone and bone tools, but 90% of the time it’s not anything of significance of it’s a rim sherd. Today, Vicky came up quietly behind me and handed me a beautiful shell bead, and I practically freaked out! It was so untriumphantly handed over that I wasn’t expecting it at all, and I full on brought both hands up to the side of my face like the Scream. Even Alan proclaimed it to be a “very nice” piece – praise indeed.

Unassuming perhaps​, but still a lovely shell bead, drilled from one side.

It was pretty cold today, and so I once again decided to attempt to run home from the dome. It’s just over 4 miles, and by the time we were done on site the temperature had risen considerably and the sun was shining happily, unobscured by the clouds that had been hanging over us all day. I was a little apprehensive, as last time I attempted that run it was one of the worst runs of my life! Hot, shadeless, and very straight. However, thanks to a very brisk tail wind I got home in record time, at 8.5 minutes per mile consistently, and was very very happy about that!

Tomorrow is our last day digging this week, then we’re off to Sioux Falls on Sunday. Looking forward to it!


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