SD2017 Finds of the Week [2]

Another week gone in the Archeodome, and what a week it’s been for some really amazing finds! I’ve decided to stop my daily blog posts as they were getting a little repetitive, so from now on there will just be these weekly roundups! Here’s my personal favourite artefacts from the past week.

This bison metacarpal, the last long bone before the toes in the forelimb (in our hands in humans), was found together with these two sesamoid bones, which sit behind the toes (they don’t really go where we put them for the photo!). This bone is cool because it’s whole, which is unusual on this site where bones are often broken for their internal fats, and it also has some pathological bone growth at the proximal end.
These little bones belong to a fish (the v-shaped bones) and a bird. They were found in a little pit along with lots of other bird bones and some rodent bones too. A whole menagerie of tiny animals!
Speaking of tiny animals, this partial skeleton of probably a ground squirrel was found in one of our other trenches. Unlike the previous pit, it’s unlikely that these bones are archaeological, as these burrowing animals are often guilty of disturbing our archaeology! Looks like this one paid the ultimate price!
This little bone tool was really interesting. We’re not too sure what it was for, perhaps for decorating pottery.
This shell bead is our Find Of The Week! Its about 1.5cm in diameter and around 3mm thick. Very cool!
Another bone tool, this mandible (jaw bone) could be a mustelid or a canid. The teeth along the cheek were removed, and then the incisors/canine possibly used as some sort of digging implement.

And finally, a shout out to this piece of fire-cracked rock that we named DISCO ROCK. The glittery beauty is caused by a high content of Micah in the rock. And probably funk.


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