SD2017 Finds of the Week [3]

Time for another Finds of the Week! It’s been a long one this week for students and supervisors alike – 7 days straight working, including the Archaeology Awareness Days on the weekend. During these days many students weren’t digging as usual because they were helping out visitors with the kids dig, atlatl throwing and pottery making! The awareness days were really fun.

Here’s my favourite finds from this week!

Although it’s not a typical “find of the week”, I’ve been sorting through a tray of material that sank during flotation – i.e. bone and stone. I’m separating out material that is archaeologically relevant, mainly bone fragments and lithic debitage. You can find such cool tiny tiny fragments, like this fish vertebra clasped in the tweezers!
This charred piece of plant matter could possibly tell us about what the people living at the site where eating! It might be some sort of root or tuber.
Cermics are quite often found on site, but it’s rare that they have such fine decoration as this piece!
Finally this bone awl caught my eye – it’s whole and very polished, smooth and beautiful!

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