SD2017 Finds of the Week [4]

It’s taken me quite a while to get this Finds of the Week written and posted! Here’s a couple of final finds from Mitchell, including my star find of the month! First, we begin with some lithics…

This lithic point and lithic debitage came from the material that went through floatation. Spoil from the excavation is mixed with water, causing the charcoal within to float. This, and a million bits of rock and bone, were the bits that sank! It was amazing what we pulled out, what would have been missed!
This is a thumbnail scraper, a scraping tool. It’s one of several we found this year on the site, but this one came from a typically empty square so it was exciting!

Our final (final) find of the week was this collection of artefacts. Here in this area the excavations are just coming down on the edge of a burnt lodge. We think the fire was not intentional due to the interesting placement of artefacts within and around it. Here we have six bison scapula (shoulder blades) that have been used as hoes for gardening. They would have been hafted at a 90 degree angle and used in managing crops. Another tool, the proximal epiphysis of a bison humerus (the dark item to the top of the picture) was used as an abrading surface. These tools all show signs of heating and were likely leaning against a house wall when the fire hit! The amazing archaeological story that goes with this collection of artefacts means it’s our find of the season!

A collection of bison scapula hoes

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