Viva Survivor: A Series

I’ve finally gotten around to writing an end-of-PhD blog series, in which I relate my journey from submitting my thesis to passing my viva and then the following (minor) corrections.

My thesis was titledย A zooarchaeological study of butchery and bone fat processing among early Neolithic farming societies of central Europe. Catchy, no? I investigated how intensively people were using the meat and fat resources found on an animal carcass by studying butchery practices and indicators of bone marrow and bone grease extraction. That basically meant looking at a whole lot of animal bones from twelve different sites of the Linearbandkeramik culture, the first farmers of central Europe.

There will eventually be four different posts in this series:

Expect lots of photos of me holding up huge amounts of bound paper!

If you can’t find an excuse to buy a new notebook you’re not trying hard enough

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