SD 2017 Day 11

Another day of digging today, puncuated as ever with some mild and occasionally intense excitement. Most people are just heading down layer by layer, but in a few squares we have features evolving, including pits and burn zones. Normally when students come up to me clutching some unidentified piece of material it’s either nothing at … More SD 2017 Day 11

SD 2017 Day 10

Is it day 10 already?! I can hardly believe how fast the time is going.  Today for me started with a quick run that I kept under a mile in maximum distance from the hotel, so in the case of storms I could get back sharpish! There had been thunder, wind and golf ball sized … More SD 2017 Day 10

SD 2017 Day 9

Happy Wagon Wednesday! I’m writing this from my bed, smelling equally of woodsmoke and bugspray, and on the whole feeling perfectly content. We’ve had a lovely day today, mainly due to a tour around an old fashioned wheel and wagon workshop and a barbecue! Today at the dig started pretty chilly after some thunderstorms last … More SD 2017 Day 9